About US

Team Information

Morgan Stanley p/b Old Town Bicycle is a friendly group of cyclists located primarily in the South Sound area of Washington state.  We have a variety of ages and skill levels represented, from brand new racers to those with 20+ years of experience.  While we all enjoy racing, we also enjoy just riding our bikes.  Come out and ride with us sometime.



Q1. How can I join the team?


In order to join the Morgan Stanely p/b Old Town Bicycle racing team you need to do a couple things:

  1. Attend team training rides. Open team rides generally occur in the off-season (August to December). See the calendar for more information.


  1. Contact any team officer and indicate your interest.



Q2. What are the requirements for team membership?


In order to maintain your good standing as a team member you must:

  1. Race ten races in a year.
  2. Volunteer at the team's annual race.
  3. Purchase the minimum kit.
  4. Train with the team.
  5. Attend the team's mandatory meetings.

Exceptions to these requirements are made on a case by case basis by the team officers.

Contact: otb.sec@gmail.com